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This above clip explains the idea of using a three question questionnaire about the resurrection to engage people in gospel conversations.

I hope this video is an encouragement to you to “make the most of every opportunity” (Colossians 4:5) and seize Saint Patrick’s day as a tool to use for the Lord.

During the recent 2014 debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye, Mr. Nye said that the Bible is like the game of telephone (meaning that it has been distorted over the years). Since unbelievers say this so frequently, it’s important that we have a good answer to this question! Our prayer is that this 4 1/2 minute video will help you answer this argument with more clarity and confidence.

St Patrick’s day is one of our favorite days of the year for evangelism. We produced this video to give others a taste of the opportunity this day gives us. St Patrick’s tracts available to print here.)

Nickie and I always feel sharpened after returning from the outreach at the NEA Convention. We learn a lot from listening in on the witnessing conversations of those who’ve had more witnessing experience than we have!
We’re excited to now give you a little taste of what the Lord did last month in Denver. This 5 minute video has witnessing footage from the booth as well as reflections and tips from team members.

While in England in 2014, we decided to see if we could get into a few conversations with people about the gospel. We knew we a great starting place – we could ask them about their perspective on the Pilgrims! Both of the encounters on this video ended up being great conversations, most of which happened after we turned off the camera. 🙂 I thought I’d put a few bits and pieces into this vide. I’m sorry it’s a little choppy and windy!

While in Mexico in 2013, we were very surprised by what we learned. We had many conversations with young people who grew up as missionary kids, and they explained both the vast needs and open doors in Mexico. Burdened by what we were learning, Nickie and I decided to put together this short video. We went to our new friends and said, “You know what you told us about such and such? Could you say that once more for our camera?”

We thought we’d give you a taste of how the drawings for “Will Our Generation Speak?” were produced. The time lapse in the middle of this video clip allows you to watch my dad’s screen as he draws. This drawing took my dad a couple hours, but Stephen sped it up to a couple minutes.

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  1. Wow. Your father is a really good artist. You are a very talented family. I love how you use your God given talents to give back to God.

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