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Monday nights are our “Bright Lights Nights” here in town. We meet at our church about twice a month. One reason I like Bright Lights here in town is because we can see the girls on a regular basis and watch them grow in maturity and in their walk with the Lord. As the Lord works in their hearts, it comes out in their bright countenances as well as in the insightful comments they make and good questions they ask!

Some girls are still coming who came to the very first Bright Lights meeting 11 years ago, so we have quite an age span now.

Last night after our singing time, Sarah taught the younger girls down stairs on “Rebekah” from Genesis while the older girls did a study of spiritual gifts (from Romans 12) upstairs. After our lesson time, we always divide up into small groups (led by the older girls) for discussions and activities. And then, of course, we have snacks and fellowship. 🙂

Stephen’s group, the Light Shop meets at a different church a few minutes away. I’d post pictures of that, too, but unfortunately I’m never able to get there because of Bright Lights going on simulaneously. Maybe next time I’ll send my camera along with Dad. I hear they do activities that are much crazier then what we girls do. Last night they had some kind of a water war with hoses and ropes and milk jugs…I missed what the main point to the game was, but apparently they got drenched and they had lots of fun.

2 thoughts on “Bright Lights

  1. what is the “light shop”? Is it something that older boys can teach younger boys?!?!? We have been looking for something like that!

  2. Hi Kate,

    The Light Shop is a group my older brother leads for young men in our area. However, the material has not yet been published for others to use. We are working on it, though, so please drop by our website every so often—we’ll announce it when it’s completed!

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